engraving stones

Sunday, September 30, 2007

All engraved stones are completed at our facility; to our exact standards. The graphic design, stone selection, engraving & packaging is completed by our staff. Orders ship from our location in 12 to 15 days

Our hand-selected, custom engraved river stones are perfect for:
Pet Memorials, Memorials, Garden Markers, Wedding and Anniversary, School Spirit Stones, Inspirational Gift and Logo Stones.

Wordestones offers custom engraved stones, stones with logos, rock engraving, mini pocket stones, diamond crystal paperweights, garden stones and pet memorials that make unique, personalized gifts. We offer engraved stones of logos, inspirational words or phrases, animal images, designs and baby names, boys' names, girls' names, and family names on semi-precious gem stones, natural river stones or polished earthtone stones.

Bridal reception favors and wedding party gifts are our specialty. Tea Lights that provide a soft candlelight setting and placard holders in stone are rare accessories that delight the crowd. Personalized Name Stones make the event "Special," as this once in a lifetime event should be.

Engraved Garden Stones and River Stones memorialize your thoughts for that family member or close friend. Pet memorials provide a remembrance of those many years shared with a favorite animal. Promotional stones are lasting advertisements of your services.

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sexy lingerie

Friday, September 28, 2007

When you are looking for plus size clothing for yourself or as a gift, you should make sure to know the measurements needed to buy the right sized garment. Since all women are built differently, you should bring with you hip, thigh, waist, and bust measurements so you will be able to buy plus size clothes with confidence. Knowing your measurements will also allow you to shop without having to try items on. This will save you time when shopping during your lunch break or when you are shopping on the weekend and the dressing rooms are crowded. Lane Bryant stores have plenty of items to choose from and you will be able to buy anything you are looking for.

At a Lane Byrant store, you will find many items including active wear, casual wear, career wear, and formal wear. You will also find a large variety of full figured lingerie. It is important to buy quality pieces that can be worn with many different outfits. Buying lingerie that is too small or too large will not help your posture, your appearance, or you self confidence. Being measured for lingerie will help you find the perfect size. Once you have bought items to go underneath your clothing, you should invest in womens clothing that will last for a few seasons. Even though trendy clothing will give you an up to date look, you should still purchase some classic pieces that you can use for different occasions.

Combining classic and trendy pieces will make your wardrobe stand out from the rest. At layne Bryant stores, you will be able to find a variety of classic and trendy clothing. Once you have purchased a few basic pieces, you should find one or two formal items that can be worn for weddings, parties, and other events. You will also be able to buy shoes and accessories to go with your new outfits. If you need assistance, one of the lane bryant sales assistants will be able to help you. If you find an item that you like, but not in your size, you may be able to have the item shipped from another store.

As a woman, you will need a variety of different outfits that fit your lifestyle. Brian Lanye stores are great places to find clothing for plus sized women that will last for a long time. You can return items if you decide you don't like them or you can exchange them for other items in the store. When shopping at lain byrant, you will be able to add new items to your existing wardrobe or you will be able to create a new one that will last for a few years. These are clothes that are worth the investment.

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engraved stone

Laser engraving business is booming and rapidly growing because of the amazing appeal of various products that it can produce. The world of souvenirs, keepsakes and promotional or corporate novelty items has never been this exciting now that laser engraving technology has penetrated the market.

Laser engraving technology seems to a very complicated process; and the products and designs it can create seems very hard to do; but with the use of modern laser engraving machine, remarkable gift items with intricate designs can be done in a few minutes. Is it unbelievable or too good to be true? No. The right term is amazing!

And who would not be captivated by the elegant and lasting beauty of laser engraved products such as bracelets, pendants, paper weights and key chains that look elegant and classic? Laser engraving business is booming nowadays because both small and huge corporations have realized the value of elegantly engraved paperweights or key chains with their logo or brand name on it over the old-fashioned and cheap looking printed key chains or sticker-labeled paperweights.

The market of laser engraved items are not only the companies who want to give corporate novelty items for company promotion or give aways because individuals celebrating special occasions such as wedding, birthdays and baptism are likewise accustomed to give souvenirs and keepsakes for their guests. And how about those people who likes personalizing their gifts for their special someone?

All of these make laser engraving business booming and profitable! Moreover, this business does not need a huge capitalization or a big location; anybody with creative mind and entrepreneurial spirit can start this business anywhere by just purchasing a complete laser engraving machine.

And with the pretty good number of laser engraving machine manufacturers, one can definitely purchase a decent quality laser engraving machine at a reasonable price. One machine allows you to engrave and personalize wide range of products regardless whether they are made in stone, metal, glass, plastic or wood.

In short, the low-cost business start-up, affordable materials and unlimited products designs possible that one can do with laser engraving business; plus the corporate and individual market niche it can serve are the major reasons why this kind of business is rapidly growing nowadays

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sexy lingerie

Monday, September 24, 2007

find for sexy lingerie,sex lingerie all new design for women,sweet lingerie,



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engraved stone

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Yorkstone is one of those quintessential English stones that everyone has heard about but how many people actually know what a very special stone Yorkstone really is? Of all the natural stones quarried in the UK York stone is probably the most versatile. Used for paving, house signs, headstones, fireplaces and all types of buildings from churches to office blocks. Yorkstone is now increasingly the stone of choice for quality house signs.
Yorkstone is a sedimentary Limestone, that is a stone laid down from the sediment of long disappeared lakes and seas. This process means that all sedimentary limestone's are to a greater or lesser degree layered or stratified. The strata on stones such as Portland or Bath stone are deep and each layer or strata can produce a different class of stone some with fine clear stone, some with heavy fossilised shell. However, York stone is laid down in fine layers of just a few millimetres thick per layer. . It is this layering that gives Yorkstone much of its character. The stone is constructed in layers or strata, that can be seen in the edge of the stone. This forms a dense hard stone with greater tensile strength than most other limestone's.
It is this tensile strength and hardness that makes York stone so suitable as paving. Yorkstone paving slabs have an incredible capacity for wear and tear, and today old York paving originally laid down a hundred or more years ago is a prized and expensive re-claimed commodity.
The colour of new Yorkstone tends to be mainly buff or gold, but old Yorkstone was commonly available in greys and dark browns as well as a true blue! This variety of colour and hue made Yorkstone the material of choice for fireplace builders in the eighties. As a young man I built hundreds of these fireplaces, sadly out of fashion now of course. Yorkstone is ideal for engraving as it seldom shows sign of the fossil shell that can mar the finish of other limestone's and the colour generally remains fairly uniform throughout the slab or block though can darken when a new layer or strata is cut through. The density of the grain means that engravings and carvings are crisp and sharp.
This uniformity and consistency is one of the reasons Yorkstone has always been valued for its suitability for engraving. It has been used for generations for headstones and today is being increasingly chosen for engraved house signs and commemorative plaques.
Yorkstone has other attributes less well known, for instance did you know that it is an excellent fine abrasive? All stone masons yard and workshops used to have a block of Yorkstone and a large hand turned Yorkstone wheel for sharpening chisels. Lubricated with water the stone was often the only sharpening stone available. Another use was to finish off the leaded lettering on headstones. After the lead had been hammered into the finished letters, they were rubbed over with a piece of York stone and water, this flattened and blackened the lead at the same time.

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Cancer - One in two men and one in three women will get it. What to do

Friday, September 21, 2007

All cancers considered, if you have a primary cancer (in one location only) the most optimistic statistics only give you 28% chances of recovery. If you have metastatic cancer (in more than one location) then your chances of recovery are 0.1% or in other words, one chance in one thousand to recover - (statistics from Dr Philip Binzel book "Alive and Well" published by American Media).
The news is bleak to say the least. However, as we will see later on, this need not be the case.
Ever since I can remember, I have read newspaper articles, heard claims on TV or radio, reporting new "wonder" cures on the war against cancer. Victory against this terrible disease was, according to these reports, just around the corner. Why is it then that so many people are still dying from this disease? Are the 600 UK cancer charities (The largest UK charities being Imperial Cancer Research Fund, Cancer Research Campaign and Institute of Cancer Research) lying to us?
The "American Cancer Society" is the richest charity in the world. All debts paid, it would still have half a billion dollars in the bank!
Linus Pauling, the winner of two Nobel prizes, seemed to think so when he said: "Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud and that the major cancer research organisations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them."
What is Cancer?
Modern researchers have for many years been exploring the virus connection at a cost of billions of dollars and pounds. The pitiful result is that "no cancer that was incurable 25 years ago is curable today and that, for the most common cancers that kills 90% of patients today chemotherapy is no better than snake oil" (The Cancer Handbook. What Doctors don't tell you publication. By Lynne Taggart).
When you are diagnosed with cancer, what the doctor is really saying is that you have one or several tumours in your body and that at least one of the tumours contains some cancer cells. They see the tumours as the enemy that has to be fought and destroyed and all their efforts are directed against eradicating the tumours.
What is a tumour though? A tumour is only a symptom; it shows that something has gone wrong in your body and that your immune system is no longer available to fight it. Many researchers claim that we all have tumours in our body and that several times in our life we get cancer. However, we do not all die from cancer. The reason is that our body's defence mechanism spring into action when a tumour is formed and gets rid of it or at least neutralises it. If cancer cells are beginning to form, these are killed off by our immune system and all is back to normal.
However if for some reason our immune system is severely deficient and we are unable to fight off the formation of the cancerous cells, then disease spreads.
What needs to be done to fight the tumour is not so much to remove it (surgery), burn it (radiation) or poison it (chemotherapy) as all these will weaken our immune system (damaging both our liver and kidneys to a point where it is difficult for our body to fight off any health problem). But to find out why the tumour formed in the first place and remove the cause.
Fighting it according to Dr Binzel is no good, our body now has in its memory the recipe to form tumours and uses the negative ingredients we feed it with to form new tumours and it will rarely stop doing so unless we remove the cause. The lack of positive ingredients (Vitamins, minerals and essential enzymes) to fight off the tumour is just as important.
Let me compare this reasoning with the simple example of a tooth infection. There is no point in taking painkillers to fix the tooth. I grant you that they will probably relieve the pain but I profess that they will not cure the tooth. What needs to be done is to get rid of the infection with antibiotics or have the tooth removed.
What do cancer cells feed on?
Several factors such as diet, negative emotions/ stress and environmental toxins are usually responsible for the development of cancer. Dietary speaking, cancer cells need food to survive. Dr Otto Warburg received the Nobel Prize for scientifically proving that cancer feed from the fermentation of sugar:
"in cancer cells [the feeding] is replaced by an energy-yielding reaction of the lowest living forms; namely, a fermentation of glucose" (quoted in prevention - May 1968).
According to Macrobiotic medicine theory, cancer cells also feed on animal protein (all types of meat, especially chicken but also very much on dairy, eggs etc..)
Detecting cancer
Currently, surgeons often perform a biopsy when cancer is suspected. A biopsy is a way of extracting a quantity of matter from a tumour and test it to see if it is cancerous. The problem with this method is that if the tumour is cancerous and the tumour is punctured, there is a definite risk that the cancerous liquid will spread to surrounding cells and spread the cancer around the body (Roger Delin - medical analyst - Philippines.
Breast cancer is often diagnosed using a mammogram. The main manufacturer of mammographic equipment is a company called "Smarlight Mammographics". They state: "We expected error rates to be around 30%, but the wide range of results (10%-90%) was an eye-opener." Amazing admission from the largest manufacturer of what is considered as the ultimate test to detect breast cancer. Unbelievable !
It is interesting to learn that autopsies have shown that many undetected cancers were present in the body of people who died from other causes. This makes a mockery of medical statistics and confirms that in fact a substantial number of cancers are never detected and do not obligatorily cause death.
A Swedish study has revealed that 15% of major cancers were not revealed before death and around half were of a type normally considered fatal (ref: wddty).
Modern approach and progress on cancer
The modern approach to treat cancer is surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, hormones and immunotherapy. The percentage of oncologists (cancer doctors) who would not participate in chemotherapy trials is an alarming 75% (due to its toxicity). (John Robbins - "The source of true healing")
The progresses made were, it appears more due to the temporary reduction in tumour size rather than in an increase in the life expectancy for the patient. No mentions were made however of the increased suffering caused by the side effects of the drugs taken.
2- Statistics
Statistics from the American Cancer Society
* 556,500 cancer deaths were expected in 2003 in the United States alone (more than 1,500 a day)
* About 1,334,100 new cancers were expected in the USA for 2003 (excluding skin cancers)
* 17,000,000 Americans developed cancer between 1990 and 2002
* Despite billions of $ and £ being spent on research, there was only a 1.4% decrease in cancer deaths between 1989 and 1995. Very poor considering more cancers were detected (and detected earlier) using sophisticated methods.
*Estimates for 2003 was that 1,000,000 people would get skin cancer
*The cost of cancer for year 2000 was $180.2 billion (USA alone). $60 billion for direct medical costs, 15 billion for indirect morbidity costs (cost of lost productivity due to illness) and $105.2 billion for indirect mortality costs (cost of lost productivity due to premature death).
* About 211,300 new breast cancers diagnosis were expected in 2003
3- What to do to protect yourself or help beat cancer?
The American Cancer Society stated on their web site for the year 2003 statistics that three quarter of all cancers are due to poor Diet and Environmental causes.
I personally would also include "Negative Emotions Stress" as being a major cause of cancer and increase this figure to: "Over 90% of all cancers are due to poor diet, negative emotions and environmental factors" (my own opinion based on years observations).
To protect yourself from cancer or help yourself if you have cancer, you must:
1- Change your diet
2- Work on your emotions
3- Get rid of your (home) environmental toxins
4- Replenish your energy with natural therapies or remedie

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bebas dari kangker

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Baca, ketahui kemudian pertimbangkan hal ini... 

1.        Setiap orang mempunyai sel kanker di dalam tubuh. Sel-sel 
kanker ini tidak terlihat dalam tes standard hingga mereka berkembang 
biak menjadi bermilyar milyar. Ketika dokter mengatakan kepada pasien 
kanker bahwa tidak ada lagi sel kanker di tubuh mereka setelah 
perawatan, itu berarti bahwa tes yang dilakukan tidak mampu mendeteksi 
sel kanker karena sel kanker tersebut tidak sampai pada jumlah yang 
dapat diprediksi. 

2.        Kanker sel terjadi antara 6 sampai 10 kali di dalam hidup 

3.        Ketika kekebalan tubuh manusia kuat, sel-sel kanker akan 
rusak dan dicegah dari pembiakan dan pembentukan tumor. 

4.        Ketika seseorang mengidap kanker, diindikasikan orang 
tersebut mempunyai beragam gangguan nutrisi. Hal ini bisa disebabkan 
oleh factor genetik, lingkungan, makanan dan gaya hidup. 

5.        Untuk menanggulangi beragam gangguan nutrisi, mengubah diet 
dan termasuk suplemen akan menguatkan kekebalan imun. 

6.        Kemoterapi melibatkan sel kanker beracun yang tumbuh dengan 
cepat dan juga merusak sel sehat yang tumbuh dengan cepat di sumsum 
tulang, organ bagian dalam dan dapat menyebabkan kerusakan organ 
seperti hati, ginjal, jantung, paru-paru, dsb. 

7.        Radiasi ketika menghancurkan sel kanker, juga membakar dan 
merusak sel sehat, jaringan dan organ. 

8.        Perawatan awal dengan kemoterapi dan radiasi akan sering 
mengurangi ukuran tumor. Akan tetapi penggunaan kemoterapi dan radiasi 
yang berkepanjangan tidak menghasilkan kehancuran tumor. 

9.        Ketika tubuh telah banyak mempunyai racun yang terbakar 
akibat kemoterapi dan radiasi, sistem imun yang dibinasakan karenanya 
akan lemah dari berbagai macam infeksi dan komplikasi. 

10.         Kemoterapi dan radiasi bisa mengakibatkan sel kanker 
bermutasi dan menjadi bersifat menentang serta sulit dihancurkan. 
Pembedahan juga dapat mengakibatkan sel kanker menyebar ke bagian 

11.         Sebuah cara yang efektif adalah membuat sel kanker lapar 
dengan cara tidak memberinya makanan yang dapat menyebabkannya 
berkembang biak. 

12.         Protein hewani sulit untuk dicerna dan membutuhkan banyak 
enzim pencernaan. Daging yang tidak dicerna secara sempurna, sisanya di 
dalam isi perut menjadi antaran untuk membangun racun. 

13.         Dinding kanker dialasi oleh protein yang tangguh. 
Mempertahankan diri dengan memakan sedikit daging dapat membebaskan 
enzim untuk melawan dinding protein sel kanker dan membiarkan sel 
pembunuh dalam tubuh menghancurkan sel kanker. 

14.         Beberapa suplemen membangun kekebalan imun (IP6, Flor-
ssence, Essiac, anti oksidan, vitamin, mineral, EFA, dll) dan memungkin 
kan sel pembunuh dalam tubuh menghancurkan sel kanker. Suplemen-
suplemen lain seperti vitamin E diketahui menyebabkan apoptosis, atau 
pemrograman kematian sel, metode tubuh normal dari penempatan sel yang 
rusak, tidak diinginkan atau tidak dibutuhkan. 

15.         Kanker adalah penyakin pikiran, tubuh dan jiwa. Semangat 
yang proaktif dan positif akan membuat selamat. Kemarahan, tidak 
memaafkan dan kepahitan menempatkan tubuh ke dalam keadaan penuh 
stress. Belajarlah mempunyai semangat mencintai dan memaafkan. 
Belajarlah santai dan menikmati hidup. 

16.         Kanker sel tidak dapat tumbuh dengan subur dalam 
lingkungan beroksigen. Berolahraga setiap hari, dan bernapas dengan 
dalam membantu mendapatkan oksigen lebih banyak. Terapi oksigen adalah 
cara lain untuk menghancurkan sel kanker. 


a.        Gula adalah umpan kanker. Dengan mengurangi gula, berarti 
juga mengurangi suplai makanan penting bagi sel kanker. Pengganti gula 
seperti NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, dll dibuat dengan aspartam dan itu 
berbahaya. Pengganti alami yang lebih baik dapat berupa madu atau tetes 
tebu tetapi dalam jumlah yang amat sedikit. Garam meja mempunyai 
tambahan kimia untuk membuat warnanya putih. Alternatif yang lebih baik 
adalah dengan garam laut. 

b.        Susu membuat tubuh memproduksi mucus, terutama di organ 
bagian dalam. Kanker diumpan oleh mucus. Dengan mengurangi susu dan 
menggantikan dengan susu kedelai tawar sel kanker akan kelaparan. 

c.        Sel kanker tumbuh dengan subur di lingkungan asam. Diet anti 
daging adalah bersifat asam, yang terbaik adalah memakan ikan dan ayam 
daripada daging sapi atau babi. Daging juga mengandung antibiotik 
ternak yang menumbuhkan hormon dan parasit yang berbahaya, terutama 
bagi penderita kanker. 

d.        Diet dengan 80% sayur dan buah segar, biji-bijian dan kacang-
kacangan membantu tubuh dalam lingkungan alkalin. 20%nya bisa diperoleh 
dari makanan matang termasuk kacang. Sayur segar menyediakan enzim 
hidup yang mudah diserap dalam 15 menit untuk memelihara dan 
meningkatkan pertumbuhan sel sehat. Untuk memperoleh enzim hidup untuk 
membangun sel sehat, cobalah minum jus sayur segar (semua sayuran 
termasuk kacang2an) dan makan sayuran mentah 2 atau 3 kali sehari. 
Enzim rusak pada temperature 104 derajat Farenheit atau 40 derajat 

e.        Hindari kopi, teh, dan coklat yang mempunyai kafein tinggi. 
Teh hijau adalah alternative terbaik yang mempunyai sel penumpas 
kanker. Yan g terbaik meminum air bersih atau air yang telah disaring 
untuk menghindari racun dan logam berat dalam air ledeng. 

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Belgium markets

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Belgium is potential market of handicraft product
made of bamboo, In period of January to July 2007
the export value of Bali's Bamboo craft to the country
reached US $ 162.660 the head rattan and bamboo
craft division of Ashepi Bali
Usually, Belgian, Buyer is very interested to
purchase several Bali Handicraft made of Bamboo,
like furniture. Up to theses days, the product still
produced by craftsman frm a village is Gianyar
namely Bone
As well as furniture, local craftsman, are also
crated several plait craft of bamboo, like basket,
lamp shade and other product,
He said, the export value of bamboo crafts to several
countries in periodsof January to July 2007 reach US
$ 4.775.013. While up to these days USA still
dominated the export value of product followed by
France, England, Spain, German, Japan ,Italy,
Netherlands and other Countries
In Period of January to July 2007, The total Value
of Bali non oil export to Belgium experience
fluctuates for instanced in January 2007, The total
Value of Bali non oil reached US $ 433.187 or
experiences decrease if compared to period February
reached US 970 792, In April 2007 the value increased
US $ 825 840
A Producer of Bamboo crafts in bali, setup admitted
at present a number of countries like USA, Frances,
Japan and German are the biggest importer. Bamboo
bali crafts. The French buyer interested to several
material basket crafts made of bamboo with the
unique to handicrafts with small size, natural claim
and simples
The domestic tourist were very rare order craft
product in Hotel environment, The generally buy the
crafts product and souvenir in the art market, like
SUKAWATI, because as the crafts product offered with
cheap price, product is more varying, meanwhile, the
marketing product in hated environment is only
targeting foreign tourist. For detailed product you
can see in http://www.abiansemal.info



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sourcing Bali Handicrafts

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A  Number of seller in  Kumbasari market  face various  problem after conflagration accident, Now days  there were complaint with  small number of tourist  to the market
A seller said , since the conflagration the number of customer  to the market experience decrease before, many local and foreign  customer visit the traditional market
The condition affect seller revenue in kumbasari market  decrease  sharply, previously we were able to big income Rp 75  million  per month. Now days we are different  to get revenue. The seller only acquire  the income  Rp 2 million     per month
            According the seller the fewest visitor to the market are caused of the parking area in the kumbasari market is small, dirty anda narrow
            We cannot  displayed  several  handicraft  product in this places, she said, she  expected kumbasari markets should be renovated soon
            Other seller, admitted  after the tragedy his turn over experience  increase sharply
We are expected  the government will renovate  this market soon and  new shop will attract many visitor come to the market
            Many similar product crowded in local market, but that do not make creativity Balinese entrepreneur and craftsmen decrease. Import and local product have a market  segment    
            If you looking bali product  like sandals, flip flop, women shoes, sarong, garment, home and furniture you can inquiry in my shop online  from bali – Indonesia , many product discounted can complete your stock with  good price you can't  find before http://www.abiansemal.info   and  http://www.cahaya-shop.com
These are just a few precautions you can take to  shades buying experience a happy one. Just remember, don't be too quick to decide on the covering you want until you have at least covered the above mentioned bases.
            We also wholesale and production at  bali - Indonesia

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asia handicraft

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The woodcraft industries of Bali like those in many other developing countries, are made up of many small, family-owned woodcrafting businesses which may employ a handful of workers to assist them. And like the woodcraft industries in other parts of Asia--the Phillipines and India in particular--the Nepalese woodcraft industries are experiencing rapidly growing local and foreign demands for their products.

Most of the bali woodcrafting industries today, however, have broken away from their centuries-old traditions of supplying magnificent pieces of religious and architectural artworks to meet the needs tourist seeking collectible small items like mirrors or miniature statures. But one of the woodcrafting industries in Nepal, although a small one, is still focused on restoration of the woodwork in the ancient moastaries and temples are in need of new carved wooden windows, doors, and interior beams.

abiansemal, in fact, is a region known for its woodcraft industries, with over three hundred woodcrafting families in Bungamati alone. The very best of the Lalitpur woodcrafters are famous for understanding the characteristics, like fragrance, color, and malleability, of the various woods available to them, and can produce highly-prized woodcraft statues. But the market for work of that quality is limited, and the vast majority of pieces from the Nepalese woodcraft industries are smaller pieces like frames, trivets, and miniature statues.

Many artisans working in the Nepalese woodcraft industries have only basic tools, producing pieces which are very fragile and difficult to ship, but those artisans are being helped by the Nepalese Handicraft Association and the Nepalese government, which is trying to bolster the country's woodcraft industries with a training program for novice woodworkers.

The Ancient Art Of Woodcrafting

The Nepalese woodcraft industries are just one example of how the ancient art of woodcrafting has been survive through the centuries; people will still place a higher value on a handmade piece of wooden furniture than a factory-built one; and decorative wooden pieces are as popular as ever. The fragrances of sandalwood or cedar chests are lodged in millions of memories, and a well-cared for piece of antique wooden furniture with its trademark patina is one of the most highly desired collectibles. For more info see


Our products enjoy a good reputation both at home and abroad and sell well far to America, Europe and Asia as its subtle craft and lively sculpt and excellent quality. We have 10 categories more than 3000 crafts now. Our professional artist design and make new works every day. We will keep on bringing more excellent classic Chinese crafts to you in the future.The balck-pottery product has uonderful color , lively modelling and uarious types . It can be required to carve any kind of characters or pictures , and it can fully refeet and contear the customers' tastes or meanings for memorial . It is the first souvenir to choose while doing external affairs , having conferences or traceling , also it is best choice for house decorationg .


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Miniature Barong

Friday, September 14, 2007

Miniature Barong
Up to these days, customer demand of these  miniature barong is still stable particiculary, in local and foreign market. This wooden product with natural material usually offered as souvenir and decoration product
            As well as in local market, barong is also offered in  foreign market. Usually buyer bought this product  as gift and decoration
            Many tourist  come from java and Sumatra interested to by product, usually they buy product in several art market in Bali. As well as this offered in local market, the product is also exported to several countries such Europe  and  USA
            The buyer comes from personal, hotel and restaurant entrepreneur. They  very interested with the product because the product made of natural with inexpensive price reach Rp 75.000 – 100.000

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sourcing bali handicraft

Sunday, September 09, 2007

for sourcing bali handicraft,bali product, gift for christmas you can see in http://www.abiansemal.info. New design anda you can find best price

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key chain wholesale

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lamp antique

Friday, September 07, 2007

The furniture you decide on should be Victorian in style,
but don't feel compelled to run out and buy genuine
antiques. Instead, consider reproductions because it is a
more affordable way to furnish the space and actually
looks quite exquisite. For example, for the sofa, consider
a reproduction because vintage Victorian sofas are very
uncomfortable, and as I previously stated, the difference
in price is like night and day. However, wooden pieces
like side tables and curio cabinets look amazing if you
can buy real antiques because of the rich patina finish.

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wholesale sandal

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Abiansemal.info offer Bali product for who shopping bali online,There is Bali bamboo,latern,lamp cafe
candle holder,tea light holder,custom design,bottle and glass mug,window decoration
furniture and interior,engraved sone,home & giftware,everlasting candle

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

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wholesale flip flop

You inventory  tell your shoes and sandal heve been you best selling item for years , Now you're looking for reliable partner who can help you keep yor stock deep, source from us,. Our team can supply you with up.For detailed product :

                  - cheap sandal                 
                     high heel sandal
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Product Quality is a key buyer concern, so is price, our location is one the sandal hub in indonesia archipelago provide us with a walth resorces to meet you price requirement and sure cheap and the other supplier

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Products with Balinese artist hand you can feel here.
Every product is produced with creative hands and touch of naturalistic sence.
Quality is our top care. Let us to realize your imagination with natural sence.

All kinds of products bellow are our specialist :
- Handicraft
- Art Glass Painted, Sandblasted & Engraved.
- Engraved Stone & Riverstone.
- Cast Stone & Resin.
- Games.
- Statuary.
- Water Fountains.
- Iron Art.
- Forever Candle.
- Gift, Souvenirs & Promotional Item.
- Home & Office Accessories.
- Spa Accessories.

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