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Sandal have different name in many country,
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* In Brazil they are known as sandalhas or chinelos
* In Gibraltar they are known as shankas
* In Australian English these are known as thongs.
* In Canada they are known as flip flops.
* In Estonia they are known as frons.
* In Philippines they are known as chanelas.
* In Hawaii, flip-flops are known as slippers or slippas.
* In India, similar sandals are known as chappals. Some kinds of chappals are made of leather, and some have a strap over the big toe. They are also called Sawan.
* In Italy, they are called infradito , literally inter-digit.
* In Jamaica, they are known as slippers or sandals.
* In Malawi they are known as "ma slippas" or "ma pata pata".
* In Micronesia they are known as Zorries.
* In New Zealand English they are known generically as jandals.
* In Pakistan they are known as chappals, qainchey chappals or Hawaiian chappals
* In Poland they are known as "Japonki" which literally translated means "Japanese women", but it's real meaning is simply "The Japanese"
* In Slovakia they are known as Åžabky (translated means frogs)
* In Sri Lanka they are known as Bata, after the name of the most popular flip-flop brand in the country Bata.
* In Trinidad & Tobago they are known as Slippers
* In Uganda they are known as Makambos
* In the United States, they are generally known as flip-flops, go-aheads, thongs, and zories
* In the United States Army, they are known as shower-shoes
* In the United States Navy, they are known as go-slowers (a play on "go-fasters", the Navy term for running shoes)
* In Israel, they are known as (transliterated into English: kafkafey-etsba, meaning finger flip-flops
* In The Netherlands, they are known as teenslippers
* In Flanders, they are known as teensletsen

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Bali Product

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bali Products with Balinese artist hand you can feel here.
Every product is produced with creative hands and touch of naturalistic sence.
Quality is our top care. Let us to realize your imagination with natural sence.

All kinds of products bellow are our specialist :
- Handicraft
- Art Glass Painted, Sandblasted & Engraved.
- Engraved Stone & Riverstone.
- Cast Stone & Resin.
- Games.
- Statuary.
- Water Fountains.
- Iron Art.
- Forever Candle.
- Gift, Souvenirs & Promotional Item.
- Home & Office Accessories.
- Spa Accessories.

The Main Materials Use
A few materials are able to proceed in our production, such as :
- Glass & Bottle
- Stone & Riverstone
- Sand
- Marble
- Iron\Metal
- Woody
- Terracota
- Ceramic
- Resin
- Wax / Candle
- Leather
- Shell
- & other
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How To Get Paid for Taking A Survey

Sunday, June 10, 2007

eople want to get paid for taking a survey online. This is understandable as they begin to hear their neighbors or even classmates at school talking about how people are getting paid for taking surveys quite effortlessly while spending so little time working on them. Taking surveys to earn extra cash for a short holiday at the beach or to pay for the latest MP3 player sounds like a great idea to many youngsters. This is the magic of internet paid surveys. We will now learn a bit more about how to get paid for taking a survey.

The fact that more marketing companies are now coming online to conduct their surveys just made the income game a little easier. We can understand why they are doing this as this is a more effective and efficient way to obtain consumer feedback than using regular survey posts or setting up booths in street corners to solicit comments. Housewives, granddads and grandmas who are retired and college kids are making up to $400 - $500 a month from internet paid surveys. They get paid for taking a survey on the products and services like handphone services or computers they use.

What do you really need to get paid for taking a survey?

You need to first sign up with an online survey site that is gathering survey participants. Once you are approved by the site, it would be quite soon that you receive the first internet paid survey to complete. Be a little patient as it can be as quick as within the next hour or up to a few weeks later. This is not because they have forgotten about you. A possible explanation is that your membership profile does not match with the available surveys. This is really no fault of anybody. But to get around this, you would have to try as best to fill up as many of the membership profile questions and indicate your interest in more of the items listed such as favorite pastimes, etc. Please be honest in your profile and not attempt to lie to the company just to get paid for taking a survey.

Depending on how much free time you have, you can join more than one survey research company. The trick to get paid for taking a survey everyday is by having many internet paid surveys. And to be invited to many surveys, you need to be registered with many internet paid surveys. It can be a dozen or even more. Veteran survey panelists who earn thousands are members of hundreds of paid web survey companies. The amount of money you earn is entirely dependent on how much time you are willing to set aside to do surveys.

It is possible to find that many internet paid survey companies to join and start to get paid for taking surveys. The only challenge is the amount of time and effort spent to scour the internet. To shortcut that, learn from my survey blog how people are instantly finding good internet paid survey companies and getting paid for taking surveys online.

About the Author

Davion is a successful webmaster and author. Discover where to find the highest paying free internet paid surveys at his popular blog and start earning some extra cash toda

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Easy Steps To Make Your Handphone as an "SMS CONTROLLER

Do you know that you can use your handphone to control most of electrical appliances remotely via SMS concept? Appliances like garage door or gate, room air-conditioner/heater, CCTV camera, lamps or garden's watering system and so on are among them. There are huge examples to name it. Some people use it for indusrtial application such as Remote DATA Logging (Data Collection)

All these are mainly depended on the SMS (Short Messages System) technology coupled with some simple eclectonics circuit (very simple design) appications. Though this article may focus to the electical or electronics enthusiast, with the details and step by step explanation is thouroughly discussed, most people can afford to do it

Here I will name some of its catagories of applications:

1. Hobbyist As a hobbyist, ones can control any appliances as they like using a simple construction,just name it!.

2. For students projects (ubiversity/college and/or secondary/high school. There are numbers of students looking for this similar project presentation, probably for their final project presentation. This simple step by step explanation would be a reference project for them!

3. For Industrial applications such as: - Remotely control pumps, motors and other electrical appliances - Remote Data Logging collection such as Rate of rain falls, Temperature of certain remote area. 4. Home Based Applications Other than able to control various domestic appliances, this will also include the modern of arts of Security system, when you can arm or disarm your home security alarm system remotely via SMS Controller.

Currently, there some cars are fitted with this "SMS Controller" systems which acts as alarm and security system, but these features were normally combined with GPS Global Positioning System to keep tracking the burglars remotely

5. Company, Organizations or Fleet Owner Management. The is always a better way for the company to keep tracking staff behaviour particularly dealing with transportation and mileage. This concept is also combined with GPS system. The SMS and GPS system will always working together in monitoring the driving styles or behavior of each driver.

The other extra feature of this SMS CONTROLLER is; when the appliances that we are controlling remotely via handphone has been activated or deactivated, we can receive a message confirming the action that has just taken place done by SMS. The messange we are receiving is depend on "pre-setup" TEXT during the of programming the controller.

In all the catagories shown above, I like to stess that it always begin with the SMS Controller.

So by knowing how the SMS Controller works, It will be much easier to understand of SMS/GPS works! For more details of how to learn bulding or constructing the SMS CONTROLLER Works, please visit the http://www, All the informationdescribed in details step by step guides and the best of all it is FREE!

About the Author

Age 43 years old, male, from Malaysia. Bachelor in Electrical/Electronics Engineering. Like to design and explore new technology associated with Microcontroller, particularly ATMEL MCU family. The details step-by-step guide can be downloaded from

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