Unique Major League Baseball Gifts

Monday, November 06, 2006

Do you have someone in your life that is a die-hard Major League Baseball fan? If so, there are a wide range of unique gift items to make that special occasion even more special. Why not purchase a Monopoly: Major League Baseball Collector’s Edition? What fan hasn’t dreamed of owning a baseball team? With this Collector’s Edition, he can buy, sell and trade players from all the Major League teams. Another option is a wristwatch that depicts his favorite team, or allows him to be part of the game by purchasing a Scoreboard Memories Customized Framed Photograph. The scoreboard in the photo is customized for the recipient of the gift and welcomes the fan to the game. If your gift recipient is a New York Yankees fan, a vintage-style Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig Poster is a great gift for any occasion. He will be delighted to have a poster of these two players that have been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame and whose names have gone down in baseball history. For those who enjoy playing a fun game of baseball on the screen, choose from a wide selection of video games that allows him to participate in a Major League game. Video games provide hundreds of hours of baseball fun. Every Major League Baseball team is depicted on a wide variety of clothing in all sizes and styles. T-shirts, tracksuits, shorts and more can be purchased for favorite teams. Young baseball fans and even those who are young at heart enjoy receiving a bath towel with the logo of their favorite team. For gift recipients who are serious collectors, autographed photos of favorite players are available, as are autographed baseballs. There are a huge amount of gifts sold by baseball teams and when a new stadium is erected, you can buy a brick and have the fan’s name become a part of the stadium. Christmas tree ornaments come out almost every year for all of the Major League Baseball Teams. If you want to collect the entire series, remember to shop early. These decorations are usually sold out in mid-November. From baseball caps, pennants and action figures , to authentic jerseys, bobbleheads and wristwatches , there’s a unique gift just waiting for your favorite baseball fan. Visit gift shops that specialize in unique and sports gifts or shop online for a special gift for that special baseball fan in your
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Cassaundra Flores is the co-owner of http://www.skyfireproducts.com/servlet/the-MLB-Baseball/Categories, where you'll find thousands of creative, unique and inexpensive items for your home, bed and bath, garden and any special occasion in your life.

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Coffee And Your Health

If you are a coffee drinker, you no doubt have asked yourself how much coffee is it safe for you to consume on a daily basis. This is not surprising since so much has been blamed on coffee. Heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, you name it. At one time or another, coffee has been made to blame. Here's a new question that you may have never asked yourself: is coffee ever good for you? The answer may surprise you. Here is a statistic to ponder: did you know that there are over 160 million coffee drinkers in the Unites States alone? In terms of consumption, the average American consumes 8.8 lbs. of coffee per year. But consider this: the world leader in terms of consumption is Finland which comes in at nearly 30 lbs per year. That's a lot of coffee! Another statistic is that there have been well over 19,000 studies done to analyze the effects of coffee. Now, studies can often be skewed to show whatever the author wants, but here is what is generally agreed: consuming 2 to 3 cups of coffee per day is often considered more beneficial than harmful. But, since everyone's body is different, we all tolerate things differently. In some people even the smallest amount of caffein can cause nervousness and irritebility. Consider also that a person may consume caffein in other ways besides coffee. And often without knowing about it. For sonme other interesting coffee articles, check out http://www.fmcoffee.com. A little known fact is that coffee contains antioxidants which have been shown to imporve oveall health. Here is a short list of some benefits which have been shown to be present in coffee: * Reduce symptoms of Parkinson's Disease * Antibacterial ingredients * Reduce the risk of developing gallstones * Preserve mental accuity * Reduce risk of developing type 2 Diabetes (if you have diabetes, reduce your consumption * If you are free of hypertension, coffee will not likely produce it * Headache relief * Reduce the risk of some types of cancer * Improve physical endurance This is not to say that there are not some serious negative results of drinking coffee. It is nice to know, however, that a cup or two in the morning may not hurt you. But how do you know for sure? Be sure to talk to your health professional and get their advice on consuming coffee. They (and you) know what conditions you may have that you need to be careful of when it comes to coffee. Then do you research and, if appropriate, enjoy your coffee.
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Yvonne Volante, the author, is a big fan of coffee and writes for fmcoffee.com, which is the premier coffee resource on the internet. You can see all of the articles over at http://www.fmcoffee.com.

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10 Reasons a Digital Camera Is Your Best Buy by Jim Wilson

Choosing a digital camera to capture those all illusive moments should be a well thought out purchase. Selecting a digital camera is by far your best choice. A digital camera can enhance your treasured snapshots by allowing you to make changes and improve your clarity. There are at least 10 reasons to choose digital:
1. A digital camera stores your images in pixels that make for better resolution of your pictures.
2. Having the ability to delete bad snapshots without having to pay for bad photos.
3. Digital cameras allow you to enhance the images before printing, this adds more user control over the end results of your pictures.
4. The obvious is no film to buy, you are always locked and loaded for that perfect picture taking moment. There's nothing more frustrating when you want to snap a picture that just won't wait and you're out of film.
5. Instant viewing of the picture you want to see immediately after taking it. Nothing is more satisfying than to be able to see your picture taking handiwork, immediately after taking it.
6. Digital cameras come in different pixel counts. The higher the pixel count the greater the clarity or resolution your pictures will turn out. Higher is definitely better and worth the investment.
7. No need to squint through a hole the size of a straw, digital cameras with an LCD screen on the back is perfect for all occasions and saves the strain on your eyes.
8. Digital cameras are pc compatible which allows you to store, print, or enhance from your favorite Photoshop or Image program on your computer, before printing.
9. Having a camera picture storage capacity with over one hundred images is more than enough for a single event regardless of your snap-happiness.
10. You can snap up your pictures, upload to your pc in minutes, go online and move them to a local Walgreens or local photo developing shop with online service and you can have professional photos, you have taken, then available for pick-up within one hour. What more could you asked from a digital camera. Go Digital!
When it comes to choosing a digital camera, there are still a wide range of options, so visit a reputable camera outlet before making your selection. Don't buy on price alone, some options are well worth the investment. A digital camera is a well thought out investment when you consider the pictures you capture are priceless. Ask about rechargeable batteries also, having an upper hand on battery life and control will avoid the 'dead battery' syndrome.
For more detailed articles about digital cameras visit our camera site:
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Jim is an online entrepreneur always seeking informative information that appeals to a large reader group. Today the subject is digital cameras and what to consider before making a camera purchase. http://wealthsmith.com/digital-camera-articles.htm

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