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Monday, October 08, 2007

We are Stone-engraving from Bali - Indonesia and have been pleasing people with our beautifully engraved word stones and stone carvings for more than 4 years.

We take pride in supplying only the finest quality word stones, pocket stones, image stones, river stones, river rocks, garden stones and more....

Our clientele is as diverse and unique as our stone engraving. Individuals, Schools, Church Groups, Retailers and Corporations have all discovered our personalized stones add the perfect touch to their corporate event or personal occasions.

We have supplied word and image stones as wedding favors / bridal gifts & accessories and reception favors and gifts, corporate logos, corporate gifts, company logos, training gifts, meetings gifts, party favors / event favors, motivational messages / inspirational messages, trade show giveaways, pet memorials and totem power stones, (which are also knows as totems).

An engraved stone is so unique with your heartfelt message engraving in the stone. We'd love to help you realize your engraved stone and rock ideas. Experienced stone engravers who take pride in their engraved stone and rock artistry and our customer support follows your project through to completion. Please allow us to be of service with your engraved stones and engraved rocks For Detailed in Http://www.abiansemal.info



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