Emirates Hotels & Resorts Launch a Culture Revolution with Directive Communication International

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

In preparation for the opening of the Emirates Marina Hotel & Residence, Emirates' new hotel division, Emirates Hotels & Resorts, have just completed a two week Culture Development program facilitated by famous speakers/consultants Arthur F. Carmazzi, Dr Leslie Choudhury, and four other consultants of Directive Communication International. The program entitled “Emirates Marina Culture Revolution” designed and customized to suite Emirates Hotels & Resorts ambitious service approach proved to be very successful for the Emirates Marina opening team. The Consultants and Trainers apply Directive Communication Psychology (DC) to affect all the 280 staff from 36 countries to passionately cultivate and embrace extraordinary service standards and hold each other to those standards.

Directive Communication Psychology is a foundation science of how people act and react to each other in groups, and how that relates to Productivity, Leadership, and Workforce Effectiveness. Using this psychology in a Systematic Process to inspire ownership within the individual, team, and organization, DC sets the emotional and decision-making base for optimizing workforce attitudes and cooperation. The program is designed for “Key Influencers” (between 12 to 24 individuals) chosen by the consultants through the discovery process to multiply the effects of DC training and direct enthusiasm and action in the groups and teams they interact with.

"Through a 6 day interactive DC “Revolution” program spread out over 2 weeks, and Projects implemented in between the training days, the program resulted in over 90% of the staff and management making realizations that influenced their perspective of their place in the organization, and the fulfillment they gain from what the organization can bring to their own lives. This program yielded measurable improvements in: Working with and Developing Others – 54.64%, Leadership – 48.2%, Communication – 65.38% and Productivity – 42.71%.

The projects after each of the 6 one-day workshop segments allowed the key influencers to implement and cultivate powerful perceptions that created an almost instant energy that spread throughout the entire Hotel. It literally changed the way managers and staff alike treated and cooperated with each other. According to Bruno Hivon, the Emirates Marina General Manager, The whole hotel is teaming with an energy that is truly exhilarating. I think the program is so successful because it calls on the significance and substance of people rather than on material things and that is what service is all about. The revolutionary attitude and group dynamics that came out of this program can put into every aspect of our work across all departments and every stage of the operations.

All of us have been channeled in one passionate direction and one focus, and this has been achieved in quite a dynamic and fun way that got buy in at all levels. Even the management team here we have discovered quite a bit about ourselves that will certainly make a difference in our directions.

As for our Patriots and their revolution, this is so different from other service concepts that they will definitely set the path for things to come.

Andre Leung, the Admin & accommodations Manager for the Marina says “I probably need to pinch myself to know that this is me. This program has changed the way I think, the way I deal with people; I’m not impatient or stressed out like I used to be. Every situation now makes me pause to think of the appropriate way to address it. This program is a must. Thank you Leslie, Arthur and the entire team of Directive Communication International. “

Through this process, the employees created their roles as “Revolutionary Patriots – Uniting people with one vision to inspire a passionate culture” and with this identity facilitated a Passionate approach to work and cooperation from a personal development perspective. The creation of their passionate culture also led to 20 Guiding principles they chose to live and be assessed by. These principals reinforce cooperation, creativity, passion and the emotional drivers that led them to improvement in their quality of service and life in and out of work.

“The process develops leaders at all levels through personal and organizational alignment, employs and managers not only gain the ability to lead and inspire each other, but gain confidence, skill and attitude to take charge of the End Result, and not just in their specific job function" says Arthur F. Carmazzi, the principal founder of Directive Communications Methodology.

The final presentation on September 30th was a spectacular 3 hours of “Edutainment” created by the 24 original Key Influencers with only one day to plan and rehearse. They played to over 260 people and got ALL of them inspired to “Continue the Revolution” and live out their dreams through the job.

Martin Le Roux, Manager Planning, Projects & Development for Emirates Hotels & Resorts added "This program has far exceeded our expectations, it has managed to achieve more in 2 weeks what we have been trying to implement for the past 6 months. It has added a new dynamic in the whole approach to establishing a service culture.

The aptly named Culture Revolution has been very effective in getting the team members themselves to not only buy into the program, but actually come up with the Service Culture thereby taking ownership and living it through their work and personal lives. The Patriots do not feel like employees anymore, they feel like partners in something greater than themselves”

Having entered the training room on a few occasions during the initial process, he added; "The atmosphere was electric, there was a buzz around the room and the team members were confident, excited and motivated by the whole process. It was very encouraging to see the beginnings and we are amazed at the results that emerged as they take this energy and approach through the opening of the Emirates Marina Hotel & Residence and into the future of all Emirates Hotels & Resorts"

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