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Sunday, September 16, 2007

A  Number of seller in  Kumbasari market  face various  problem after conflagration accident, Now days  there were complaint with  small number of tourist  to the market
A seller said , since the conflagration the number of customer  to the market experience decrease before, many local and foreign  customer visit the traditional market
The condition affect seller revenue in kumbasari market  decrease  sharply, previously we were able to big income Rp 75  million  per month. Now days we are different  to get revenue. The seller only acquire  the income  Rp 2 million     per month
            According the seller the fewest visitor to the market are caused of the parking area in the kumbasari market is small, dirty anda narrow
            We cannot  displayed  several  handicraft  product in this places, she said, she  expected kumbasari markets should be renovated soon
            Other seller, admitted  after the tragedy his turn over experience  increase sharply
We are expected  the government will renovate  this market soon and  new shop will attract many visitor come to the market
            Many similar product crowded in local market, but that do not make creativity Balinese entrepreneur and craftsmen decrease. Import and local product have a market  segment    
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