Belgium markets

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Belgium is potential market of handicraft product
made of bamboo, In period of January to July 2007
the export value of Bali's Bamboo craft to the country
reached US $ 162.660 the head rattan and bamboo
craft division of Ashepi Bali
Usually, Belgian, Buyer is very interested to
purchase several Bali Handicraft made of Bamboo,
like furniture. Up to theses days, the product still
produced by craftsman frm a village is Gianyar
namely Bone
As well as furniture, local craftsman, are also
crated several plait craft of bamboo, like basket,
lamp shade and other product,
He said, the export value of bamboo crafts to several
countries in periodsof January to July 2007 reach US
$ 4.775.013. While up to these days USA still
dominated the export value of product followed by
France, England, Spain, German, Japan ,Italy,
Netherlands and other Countries
In Period of January to July 2007, The total Value
of Bali non oil export to Belgium experience
fluctuates for instanced in January 2007, The total
Value of Bali non oil reached US $ 433.187 or
experiences decrease if compared to period February
reached US 970 792, In April 2007 the value increased
US $ 825 840
A Producer of Bamboo crafts in bali, setup admitted
at present a number of countries like USA, Frances,
Japan and German are the biggest importer. Bamboo
bali crafts. The French buyer interested to several
material basket crafts made of bamboo with the
unique to handicrafts with small size, natural claim
and simples
The domestic tourist were very rare order craft
product in Hotel environment, The generally buy the
crafts product and souvenir in the art market, like
SUKAWATI, because as the crafts product offered with
cheap price, product is more varying, meanwhile, the
marketing product in hated environment is only
targeting foreign tourist. For detailed product you
can see in


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