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Monday, March 23, 2009

Web Directories Web directory is a kind of directory that contains the list of the website arranged by category and subcategory. Categorization is based on the kind of websites rather than the keyword. Web directories allow website owners to submit their sites for inclusion

Web Directory plays an important role in the field of search engine marketing and SEO too. In terms of search engine marketing the response of web directories are quite slow. Once it started giving results it much more than expectations mostly the human edited directories. Human edited directories given the more value than others.

Submitting to directories is certainly a good plan if you are interested in increasing the number of links to your web page. As you may already know, the more links you have the higher search engines will rank your web page based on its popularity. This is one of the greatest benefits of submitting to directories because your site will receive many back links and carry a higher weight with the search engines. As a result, your site will be ranked higher by the search engines and have more links for people to click on and end up at your site.

Another benefit your site will enjoy by being listed in a directory is increased credibility. The reason being part of a directory increases credibility is because an actual person must review your site for quality content before it is listed in a directory. Because of this, when your site is listed in a directory web searchers immediately know your website provides relevant information and will be more likely to pay you a visit.



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