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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Times are difficult. Gasoline prices are up. Food and grain prices are up. Your ire is up and your business... down. It is so easy for the individual and the entrepreneur to decidedly give up. There are times when you feel all obstacles are in your path and the least resistance is stopping. It is understandable, yet an easy escape. There is too much recent talk of recession proofing the business and conducting business in tough times. These are simply titles and excuses for items that are required to operate a successful business.

A functional business is similar to a garden. The foundation for any garden is proper fertilization techniques that help nurture the soil and maintain its balance with its vegetation. Yet plantings will not grow without strong roots and soil. Similar to soil the best nurturing for your business is constant sales and customer care. The more sales and the higher the customer acquisition the easier to pay for people, property, equipment etc.

Other factors that assist in root development and nourishment for your soul and destiny relate to your attitude. Your holistic approach to your business is soil upon which your business grows. Similar to fertilizer your daily dosage must include the following:

Desire. For business to flourish you must abundantly desire success. Recall why you founded your business and what you hope to achieve. Your passion for assisting others is the fuel that bounds you from failure to fortune, fertilize your soul by returning to your desire so that you revitalize your soul. Another nutrient is repeating your mission statement and visualizing the success you desire to achieve.

Believe. There is no better nourishment then your faith. Faith is a component of both passion and love. Faith is your ability to disavow the norms and continue. Good roots fight inclement weather so must you! Thomas Edison did not believe he failed he had faith to succeed. If Henry Ford, and Andrew Carnegie did not have faith our American business system would not be the supreme power it is. And if Abraham Lincoln did not have faith, African Americans would not be free and his name would not be associated with America's greatest president. In fact, faith was so imperative for Lincoln because his successes did not arrive until after his 40th birthday. Your faith gets you through intense storms but you must see the sunshine well before others.

Achieve. The only manner for success is continuance. My mentor states do not seek perfection seek success. I wholeheartedly agree. There is no perfection. We all face daily obstacles. We are constantly challenged by the errors of our ways, yet the only way to achieve is to continue moving. Refrain from excuses and continue to achieve no matter what the conditions.

Nurture. Gardens require daily maintenance; food, water and vitamins. You too must invest in nutrition. Success is achieved through education. Learn from your mistakes. Failure is the best educational tool we recognize. Many do not believe failure is a nutrient, yet it is the best nutrient. Think like Edison and use your failures as a road map towards new attempts. Education is the one item that no business professional ever retorts. Education is the greatest fuel for business success. Use previous experiences as a nutrient for new ideas and new possible beginnings.

Succeed. I recall a young man that had limited athletic ability. He was reared in a dysfunctional home and loathed by family and friends. After much discovery he found an outlet in track and field. After years of searching he found a tool that displaced the discontent in his life. With much practice he got better and began to appreciate the sport. His success brought about future success. He visualized future success. Within months he became the captain of his team and a four-time school record holder. He also enrolled and graduated from a prominent university. You too can achieve success. You have to breathe it, become it and yearn for it. Success does not come easy. The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King jr. stated, "Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." Take the ladder of success one step at a time by seeing each step, living each step and appreciating each step.

Prosper. Admittedly, each day represents a new challenge and yet new opportunities. However, when your garden begins to show new growth, you stop in admiration. Take the time to reap what you sow. Learn to stop and smell the flowers and appreciate your success. Your ability to stop and reward yourself is prosperity. Yet also understand that prosperity is not only about money, it is your balance of both your personal and professional life.



siip... i hope you success dah... wokke

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suksess slalu bos....
jangan lupa bkogwalking kalo udah sukses (hihihihih )

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