Easy Steps To Make Your Handphone as an "SMS CONTROLLER

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Do you know that you can use your handphone to control most of electrical appliances remotely via SMS concept? Appliances like garage door or gate, room air-conditioner/heater, CCTV camera, lamps or garden's watering system and so on are among them. There are huge examples to name it. Some people use it for indusrtial application such as Remote DATA Logging (Data Collection)

All these are mainly depended on the SMS (Short Messages System) technology coupled with some simple eclectonics circuit (very simple design) appications. Though this article may focus to the electical or electronics enthusiast, with the details and step by step explanation is thouroughly discussed, most people can afford to do it

Here I will name some of its catagories of applications:

1. Hobbyist As a hobbyist, ones can control any appliances as they like using a simple construction,just name it!.

2. For students projects (ubiversity/college and/or secondary/high school. There are numbers of students looking for this similar project presentation, probably for their final project presentation. This simple step by step explanation would be a reference project for them!

3. For Industrial applications such as: - Remotely control pumps, motors and other electrical appliances - Remote Data Logging collection such as Rate of rain falls, Temperature of certain remote area. 4. Home Based Applications Other than able to control various domestic appliances, this will also include the modern of arts of Security system, when you can arm or disarm your home security alarm system remotely via SMS Controller.

Currently, there some cars are fitted with this "SMS Controller" systems which acts as alarm and security system, but these features were normally combined with GPS Global Positioning System to keep tracking the burglars remotely

5. Company, Organizations or Fleet Owner Management. The is always a better way for the company to keep tracking staff behaviour particularly dealing with transportation and mileage. This concept is also combined with GPS system. The SMS and GPS system will always working together in monitoring the driving styles or behavior of each driver.

The other extra feature of this SMS CONTROLLER is; when the appliances that we are controlling remotely via handphone has been activated or deactivated, we can receive a message confirming the action that has just taken place done by SMS. The messange we are receiving is depend on "pre-setup" TEXT during the of programming the controller.

In all the catagories shown above, I like to stess that it always begin with the SMS Controller.

So by knowing how the SMS Controller works, It will be much easier to understand of SMS/GPS works! For more details of how to learn bulding or constructing the SMS CONTROLLER Works, please visit the http://www,ptistrader.com. All the informationdescribed in details step by step guides and the best of all it is FREE!

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Age 43 years old, male, from Malaysia. Bachelor in Electrical/Electronics Engineering. Like to design and explore new technology associated with Microcontroller, particularly ATMEL MCU family. The details step-by-step guide can be downloaded from http://www.ptistrader.com



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